Stephanie Mendel's second book of poems, BARE BRANCHES, was published by Red Berry Editions in 2011. David St. John's first line in his introduction to the book says, "Stephanie Mendel’s poems have a measured beauty, exquisite and spare reflections, as well as a poised, quiet elegance."

Jane Hirshfield wrote, "…and yet there was happiness in touching the real,” states the final poem of this extraordinary book of grief, life, and praise. Stephanie Mendel is a poet who knows the nectars of transience, and Bare Branches a book that honors and returns reality’s touch on the skin, the mind, and heart of our continuing connection to all that is here and all that is not, but once was."

Dorianne Laux wrote, "Goethe said “Presence is our duty, be it only a moment”, knowing how difficult it is to be still and revere. Mendel understands this and so continues to cup her hands around the twin flames of loss and desire. These poems are sometimes so quiet we can hear our own breath."

Stephanie's first book of poems, MARCH, BEFORE SPRING is now in its third printing.

She taught poetry in her home for eight years, served on the board of the Marin Poetry Center, and is in David St. John's master class that has met twice a year for eleven years. She has also studied in workshops with Kim Addonizio, Mark Doty, Stephen Dunn, Carolyn Forche, Robert Hass, Brenda Hillman, Jane Hirshfield, Marie Howe, Jack Gilbert, Yusef Komunyakaa, Dorianne Laux, Li Young Lee, Gerald Stern and Al Young among other poets.

Her work has appeared in anthologies and journals including Confrontation, Folio, Harvard Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Rattle, Sixteen Rivers Press Anthology, Southern California Review, The Poet’s Companion (Norton), Western Journal of Medicine and Stanford University Medical Staff Update.

She is from Pittsburgh and has lived in Ann Arbor, Boston, Birmingham, Washington, DC, Berkeley and now lives in Marin County. She has two sons and two grandsons.

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